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3 Premium Sake brewley here !

3 Premium Sake brewley in Minamiuonuma city.

They have a lot of taste and style of feeling about Sake.

Good Sake made from great natural water and Premium Sake rice.Let's enjoy Sake and good food !


"Maker", "seller", and "Drinker" The unity of the three will make a good Sake.

It is a traditional sake cellar which devotes themselves to handmade: their motto is its quality with the blessings with snow and the technique of Sake producer.Remaining the original deep taste of Sake,it has mellowed and cleared taste called'Tanrei-umakuchi(crispy and dry-tasty)'.Its main brand,'Kakurei' and 'Yukiotoko(snowman)',are associated with'hokuetsu-Seppu'of a local literati,Bokushi Suzuki.It is a representative brewery of Niigata prefecture with a history of about 300 years since it founded in 1717.


Nature of Uonuma made by water,snow,and lands,Sake producer is aiming for the best Sake.

It uses very delicious infiltrated water 'Raiden sama no mizu'up from Mt.Hakkaisan. The water is cold even in summer and tasted smooth and soft.This is a brewery which has been pursuing crispy and dry,and high qualitied Sake.It makes all ordinary Sake by Ginjo brewing because it feels that improving the quality of Japanese Sake is needed.The sincere attitude to heighten the quality exhaustively has made Hakkaisan brand which is loved worldwide.  


Taste Sake because we are people.Any sake would not be born without loving people.

It is very difficult to handle 'Ippon-jime' which is a rare rice for Sake brewery and suitable for Junmaishu Sake.Takachiyo Shuzo does not compromise thoroughly on growing the 'Ippon0-jime' :Skilled workers involve themselves to manage and cultivate the rice in a series of steps from the seeds until polished rice.It was named in the hope that many people would flourish 'Choyo-ni Yachiyo-ni'(means 'for millennia and millennia').And the brewing is making Ginjo-shu Sake by traditional handmade production method,aiming to improve even better quality of Sake.

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